17 October, 2012

Show House

Several months ago, a designer and friend took me on a sneak peek of the Junior League Show House in Newton before anyone had started work. As we wondered through one awful mess after another I thought to myself, thank God I'm out of this business because this is going to cost a fortune! Not only a financial one, but a creative fortune! 

Well last weekend was the opening party and I must say, even I was impressed. Not just with the level of creativity, but more importantly the level of quality each of the 35 Designers has pumped into what I thought was an overwhelming task. So bravo, to all of YOU!

Then this past Monday, I started photographing some of the Designer spaces. I will be photographing a total of 11 spaces over the course of each Monday in October (show house is closed on Mondays' for cleaning, refreshing of flowers, and photo shoots...).

Each of the Designers I've already shot for requested one of the images quickly so they could intern use their own social media outlets to promote this years Junior League Show House. And promote it they have, and well so will I. So here is a minor glimpse into a few of the spaces you will see, and please do go see this years Show House. Please share and promote this blog post or any other social media promotions, because while I know there was some disappointed Designers whom didn't get the rooms they wanted or even a room at all. Here's the thing, the success of this years Show House, depends on all of us in the Design Industry promoting our colleagues and our peers, because if this year doesn't succeed then it will be another six years before anyone gets a room in a Show House in Boston.

(shown in alphabetical order...)






Warm Regards,



Cecilia said...

Michael, Your photographs really elevate these already gorgeous spaces!! Thank you for helping promote these spaces and recognizing the designers!

Marilyn MacLeod said...

I'm really liking the trend of available light photography. It looks so much more natural. Thanks Michael!

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