13 February, 2012

The number of love

In 1995, Jennifer and I spent an afternoon at the Antique furniture and jewelry show at the Park Plaza Castle. We had been dating for eight months and had started looking at rings. Jennifer's ring finger is 
4 3/4, which is quite small, so finding the right antique ring could prove to be difficult. So after trying on a myriad of diamond rings, an Emerald ring set in gold with a platinum band caught our eye (well hers really). We asked to see the ring and when the sales person handed it to Jennifer, he said "you should be aware this ring had been re-sized..." Jennifer placed it on her finger, handed it to me, I looked at the back and could see where a section of platinum had been added. Looking at the sales person I said "what size was the original ring", he said "4 3/4..."

This September we will be married 15 years, our first date was on the 13th of May and we got married on the 13th of September. On the 14th of February a dozen roses will be given and 16 ounces of chocolate procured. An infinite series of ONE's and ZERO's will be sent through a cloud as Jennifer and I, Face Time (Jennifer is in Tel Aviv this week for work). Love a series of numbers that remind us of what we have, when really it's the 5,473 miles seperating us, that remind of us of all that we have to look forward to.

Warm Regards,


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Bruce Barone said...

So beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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