08 February, 2012

Private Road, Keep Out!

A few months ago a Designer (whom I've known for many years) whose been well, in the biz for over 30 years invited me to view a project of theirs. This particular designer had never photographed any of their work before.

They told me, that they felt it was time to "do this" and it was my background that gave them the confidence to do so. They had "lost" a few big jobs recently to designers whom had websites and had marketed their work. 

Having worked for Mr. FitzGerald for 13 years, I understood their hesitation. When Mr. FitzGerald was invited to meet with a potential client, he brought absolutely nothing with him, other than his laurels, a strong hand shake and a quiet confidence that only he could bring.
After scouting this designer's project, the designer and I talked at length about what was needed and when it came time for our shoot and the first image appeared on the screen the designer, cried. Tears of joy really, because for the first time in their 30 plus year career their complete vision had finally been realized. 

If you are reading this and wondering where the pretty photos are, then you are missing the point. When I asked if the designer wanted a DVD with the digital files to go with the prints they had requested, they said, no thank you...

Why am I telling you this story, well frankly I am a seeing a new trend and yes I accept it's hypocritical of me, to feel this way as technically I am a small part of the genesis of the imagery that reaches the masses. However I am also experiencing something very profound of late. More and more of the homes' that I photograph, expect, mandate really that they and their location remain anonymous, period!

I know you may find this hard to believe but I have photographed many, many beautiful homes that at the request of the homeowner (and agreed upon by the Designer/Architect) will never see the "light of day". Including Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Twiter and even my own website.

If you go to my website, you may notice the absence of a "stock image" tab. I encourage you to visit the websites of other photographers to see if they offer stock images (most of them do)...

I will never, ever sell stock images. What are stock images you may ask? Well, as the copyright owner, it is my right to sell any photograph to whomever I want (without permission), i.e. Bathroom or Kitchen Books and Magazines...
Have you ever wondered when you picked up a book of "Inspiring Baths" how they found all of those enticing bathrooms. Typically they contacted photographers looking for Bathroom stock images they could buy. I have had numerous emails and phone calls from Book Publishers asking if a certain image is available from my website, and EVERY time, I direct them to the Architect or Designer, and 90% of the time the Architect or Designer says No. Why, because the Book or Magazine is about Bathroom Inspirations and not the professionals who created them and there fore no credit is given...

Don't get me wrong, my photographs to date have been published in over two dozen books, internationally. Books that honored the Professionals whom created the beautiful work that was photographed. 

If you have a client who is sensitive to having their personal home photographed, I encourage you to direct them to my website, and ensure them that photographs of their own personal dwelling (when specified) are safe with me.

Warm Regards,


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