23 January, 2012

The Truth behind the Pins

If you are a professional Designer or Architect who invests in professional photography as a way to maintain and promote your brand then you know the expense, time and energy that goes into creating professional photographs of your work. With so many social media outlets available with which to share your investment it is understandable that with the very viral nature of these outlets, your brand can reach a far broader audience than ever before.
Recently named one of the 10 most popular social networking sites, Pinterest has been showing up more and more in Facebook and Twitter feeds as a fun and addictive way to share inspirational imagery. The popularity of  "pinning" photos is very reminiscent of those teenage years when we would cover our bedroom walls with cut outs from magazines we (or our parents) bought at a store.
Unfortunately very few "pinned" images are ever credited by the Designer or Architect whose intellectual property is now available on the digital free market. Hence more and more blog posts are filled with images being credited "via pinterest".
I am asking all professional Designers and  Architects who have invested in professional photography to further your brand. PLEASE watermark or type your name somewhere on the image of your intellectual work before "pinning". If you are unsure how to do this and it's one of my images, please call and ask me, I'd be more than happy to do it for you.
Maintain the integrity of the brand you've invested in.

Warm regards



Sally Wilson, ASID said...

Michael. We are trying to learn how to comment on your posts! Best,Sally

Michael J Lee said...

You, just did Sally:)
Comment anytime, I welcome any and all feedback.

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