08 November, 2011

Rachel Reider

I was first introduced to Rachel Reider by Donna Venegas. They wanted to have a recently completed kitchen project photographed for their portfolios. Rachel also asked if I could photograph a recently completed bedroom project as she wanted her website to be up to date (little did I know she was preparing for a big announcement). So I went to both projects to pre-scout (something I offer with every shoot). On the day of our shoot (we shot the kitchen first), Rachel had a prop table set up in another room and had printed out the scouting shots and had sketched in shapes and ideas about what could "fill in". Wow! I think Rachel Reider was about to teach me a few things that day!

A few months later, Rachel Reider was awarded the New England Home 5 under 40 honor, the kitchen won a Prism award and those shots will be appearing in a national magazine next month! If that wasn't enough, the kitchen was accepted by Design New England and in September we re-shot the kitchen under the direction of Design New England's Danille Ossher as we needed cookie themed shots. So if you want to know how to get "mileage" out of your project, just call Rachel, she may have perfected it (and she's not even 40 yet...)

Please check out Rachel Reider and Donna Venegas's kitchen feature in the 5th anniversary edition of Design New England on news stands' now.

Here's the digital edition

Warm Regards,

Michael J. Lee

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