08 November, 2011

The first time

Architect Rindala Awad Wagner contacted me after her husband saw some of my photography in the now shuttered Esplanade Magazine. After several conversations, Rindala hired me to photograph their Union Park home. We scheduled a scouting visit (something I offer with every shoot) to determine the angles and help Rindala to be prepared on the day of our shoot. After a brief tour, for the first time in my short career, I said "so normally I would start taking photos, but my gut is telling me otherwise..." I explained that I wanted to scout the project and take the chance it will get picked up. Rindala's main concern was that the garden needed to be shot by the end of September, so I scouted the project, asked writer Jaci Conry to talk to Rindala to get the story, so we could present it as a "package" to Design New England with the understanding that if it was to be selected it needed to be shot by the end of September. Well, not only did Design New England agree to shoot it by our deadline but they wanted to publish it in their next issue. Rindala, if you are reading this, please don't expect that kind of turn around on your next project:)

So please visit, this wonderful project by Architect Rindala Awad Wagner in the 5th anniversary issue of Design New England on news stands now.

Here is the digital version

Warm Regards,

Michael J. Lee

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