03 November, 2011

Humble Pie

It was five years ago that Serena, Kathy and I where standing in applause as our fearless leader, Mr. Richard FitzGerald accepted his induction into the New England Home Magazine Hall of Fame. Selfishly, I was also excited for another former employer of mine, Celeste Cooper. For me anyway, the New England Hall of Fame has become a classic rock concert, of sorts. A who's who of design, if you will. At the second year, I (officially on my own now) made a point to introduce myself to Eric Roth, whom I'd never met. We exchanged pleasantries and I handed him my freshly minted card, and offered to meet him for coffee some day... 

Through out the last five years, I've enjoyed, relished really the speeches, my wife says I'm a lush, because I cry at weddings but for me I love how EVERY single inductee draws on their past, not the how great the ride was, but this was how I got started on the journey part. Tonight for instance, Nancy Serafini mentioned Carmie Dennis, which I may have applauded a little prematurely for, but none the less, I appreciated the moment!
When I got home I quickly skimmed the new issue of New England Home, knowing though, I didn't have a feature. I'm always excited to see the advertisers, whom may have used my images, well I was humbled!
Leslie Fine, Sudbury Design Group, David Sharff Architect, Venegas and Company with Nancy Serafini, WOW!
And before even that humbling experience was the table! I was seated with Leslie Fine, Mally Skok, Rachel Reider, Kristen Rivoli and Bob Ernst to name a few, did I mention that I only changed careers four years ago!!!
And as exciting as all of that was for me, here was the icing. During the cocktail hour, I was speaking to designer Eric Roseff and this gentleman was blatantly staring at my name tag and he looks at me and says "you're that photographer, I was hoping I'd run into you..." 
I didn't have to look at his name tag, he's a very famous architect (who's name I'll keep private for now) and I said "you're that architect;)"
He told me, he had a back log of projects and was hoping I could shoot them this spring, as he and his staff had been following me. 
where is the event photographer to take our picture together, and where the hell did I put that damn sharpie marker so he can sign something, anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow (Friday) I'm leaving at 5am, yes I should go to bed (it's 11:55pm), to photograph a project in Brooklyn, New York, I hope Brooklyn still serves humble pie, cause I'm gonna need an extra slice!

Warm Regards,

Michael J. Lee


Storibook Designs said...

Everyone deserves to bask in glory now and again! Enjoy it; it is clearly the result of consistent hard work and tenacity!!

Michael J Lee said...

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!

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