01 November, 2011


Today's date has me thinking about the number one. It was twenty years ago this month that U2 released Achtung Baby and arguably their greatest single ever, ONE. 
Growing up I remember the lyric "one was the loneliest number..."

Yet being the ONE, or the first or better yet having an inaugural makes it memorable right? I still have the inaugural issue of George with Cindy Crawford on the cover and well I'll never forget my own first cover shot.
In this day and age for a new magazine, a print magazine, to have it's inaugural issue is pretty exciting (and a little brave). 

So congratulations to Newton Living Magazine on their inaugural Oct/Nov first issue. And even better congratulations to Interior Designer Jill Litner Kaplan for being featured in the Village/Home section with a wonderful project I photographed for Jill.

So look for Newton Living Magazine on News stands or check out the digital version (page 22) 

Warm Regards,

Michael J. Lee


Bruce Barone said...

Bravo. To one fine man.

Michael J Lee said...

Bruce, Thank you very much Sir! We really should meet, once you get your home back in order from the storm, email me:)

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