13 October, 2011



Of the nature of, caused by or relating to a virus...

Well that doesn't sound very appealing does it? Yet the act of sharing information over the internet, when repeated by many people at a high rate, can cause that bit of information to go viral.

I was asked in 2009, to give a podcast for The Skirted Roundtable about photography. About six months later, I received a phone call, the caller ID said "California". Interior Designer Amy Meier had recently completed a project in New England and had heard about me through that pod cast. Who knew? Last week I was approached by a Czech Republic Design Company about shooting a recent project they completed in the US. They had found my website through an online magazine called House of Fifty

You may have noticed that my photography work can be seen on a regular basis in some of the local digital publications we have here in New England. I believe in supporting these digital publications and feel it is important to embrace this new media and help it to flourish. Here are the links to three local digital publications, please support them by sharing the link to a magazine or just one story.

Because you really never know who may be reading or listening for that matter.

Warm Regards,

Michael J. Lee

1 comment:

Kay Ellen said...

How wonderful!

I am off to check the publications you are sharing!

Congrats on the projects :)

Kay Ellen

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