19 October, 2011

Island Time

Well it was one year ago on the 23rd of October, that I decided to write my first blog post. Ironically that title was "Getting Personal". I say this because if you've followed my blogs you will have noticed that they are well, personal. I made a decision to reveal a little and sometimes a lot about who I am in each of the past years blogs, simply because of this...
I am asking you to bring me into your clients' home, we are going to spend at least 10-12 hours together, you need to know who I am, what values I covet and where I am coming from so that we can have some fun, be creative together and create some wonderful imagery of your work.

And so in keeping with tradition...

In the spring of 2010, I scouted a wonderful home for JKM Interiors in Nantucket. The intent was to photograph that home in the fall. Well as many of you know on September 23, 2010 I broke my right leg in three places and required major surgery. 

JKM Interiors; are Janet, Kristyn and Megan and we'd worked on a shoot together, prior to Nantucket. So after much deliberation we all decided to go forward with the shoot, last October as planned. Janet was kind enough to drive to my house, leave her car and drive mine with all of my equipment to the ferry on that fateful morning. While Kristyn and Megan traveled together in their car with all the props. About a 1/2 hour outside of Hyannis, Janet's phone rang; Kristyn and Megan wanted to know where we where as the ferry was just about to leave...

We had miss-timed the ferry schedule and missed the boat (literally), while Janet was driving just a bit over the speed limit to get to Hyannis, I was feverishly checking all possible boat schedules on my iPhone. When we arrived, we took my tri-pod, camera bag and computer bag out of the car and scheduled the car to go on a later truck ferry, while we boarded the fast ferry. We ended up arriving only 20 minutes after the car ferry we had missed and once we got to the house everything started to settle in. Having scouted and spoken at length about which shots we would be doing over the two days, I knew I wanted the first shot to be from the built-in breakfast table nook across to the kitchen. I generally like to get the big picture shots over first, but this time I more so wanted to get the photo I wasn't sure I could do in my condition over first. The table and banquette where fixed and I needed to squeeze myself with my very large boot and crutches around this u-shaped banquette and then somehow set up my camera. I couldn't fit comfortably in the banquette and so I had to prop myself up on top of the window sill (opening the window for more room), then set my tri-pod on top of the table and go from there. Somehow it all came together and my car eventually showed up and we had a good first day and lots of fun stories over diner that night. 

For every shot, I would first get each piece of equipment setup, then hobble to where I wanted to be, then either Janet, Megan or Kristyn would take turns bringing me a seat (my leg was still in a lot of pain and needed to stay elevated as much as possible), my camera and tri-pod, my computer and stand and anything else. Once settled in, I would just direct always remembering to say please, otherwise it would be a very long two days;)
By the afternoon of the second day the weather had taken a turn for the worse and we found out our ferry was cancelled. After many frantic calls we just accepted our fate, went out for dinner, had a few drinks (what else do you do stuck on an island) and set the alarm for 5am to get in line and wait for a chance to take the first ferry out the next day. Well that ferry was full and there was a truck ferry if we wanted in about two hours. So we went out to breakfast, and got back in line for the truck ferry. The truck ferry is an open air boat with a small cabin for passengers. Because of my crutches, it was safest if I remained in the car for the boat trip and this I'll always remember. Janet didn't want to leave me alone in the car and elected to stay and keep me company, well the entire ride to Hyannis (the seas were still very rough from the previous storm) we could only just see over the railing of the boat and the ocean as it went up and down, up and down, while the waves crashed over the windshield of the car. 
Thank you Janet, Kristyn and Megan for putting up with me and giving me such great memories.

Warm Regards,

Michael J. Lee

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