23 October, 2010

Getting personal...

Getting Personal...
When Estelle Bond Guralnick called me mid- August looking for a DIY (Do It Yourself) story for the Globe Sunday Magazine, I knew the perfect couple!
The next day while scouting some projects in P-Town I just happened to run into our friends Colin and Jenny and explained to them the premise, which they both couldn't be more excited about. So that weekend I came over their house (they live on the same street as we do in Milton) and took a couple dozen scouting shots to submit to the Globe for their consideration.
My wife and I first met Colin and Jenny through a mutual friend four years ago. Having been through their house and knowing how talented they are, I felt they would be the perfect DIY couple! The Globe loved it and the deadline was October 1st. So we booked the shoot for the 22nd of September so I'd have time to process the images and Estelle, Colin, Jenny, Griffin and I had a great shoot together!
Then the next day while leaving the Post Office in Milton I was struck by a motorcyclist who ran the red light while I was walking in the crosswalk, breaking my right leg below the knee...
When Colin and Jenny heard what had happened they told my wife Jennifer that Colin insisted on being my physical therapist (read the Globe article to learn more about their chosen professions).
I returned from the hospital on the afternoon of the 28th, with only one priority! I needed to process the images by the first of October, a task that normally takes about 40 minutes per image and we had shot a total of 16 images. It took me several hours just to figure out how to comfortably sit at my computer screen, and to make matters worse I could only handle one hour at a time before the pain was too much. I uploaded the final shots at 11:55am on the first.
Someone once said to me "you have it easy, photographing inanimate objects".
Due to my friendship with Colin and Jenny, Estelle shared a preview of her story with me. With the culmination of everything that had happened I was so touched, that I became very emotional. Then we heard we had made the cover and the Globe was using most of the shots, we were all ecstatic!
Well, those inanimate objects moved me with the profound beauty of a couple who was willing to share with everyone the beauty they have chosen to create for themselves in their own private home.
Now when my assistant and I enter a home to photograph, the first thing I say is "if we need to move the Picasso to the other wall for a shot, don't worry I've got insurance for that, but if we need to move the coffee mug that the homeowners grandchild made for them ask the client to do that, cause that can never be replaced..."
This Globe story has become very personal for me and it has been with the strength and love of family and friends that I was able to complete my first shoot only three weeks after breaking my leg. I am truly fortunate and thankful to everyone who has been there for me and my family.
Warm regards,
Michael J. Lee


Linda Merrill said...

Am I your very first blog commenter??? Can't wait to see the story and congrats on your new blog!

Sally Marucci said...

Congratulations Michael. You are blessed with a wonderful family, and great friends.

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