05 October, 2011

nothing could be FINEer

Last August, interior designer Leslie Fine asked if we could meet at her offices to discuss working together on a shoot. Leslie was hoping to be able to create new two-page ads for the New England Home Magazine's 2011 calendar year. Leslie and I met a few weeks later, at a recently completed project to scout (a service I include with every shoot). Knowing her ads where cropped at a 9x12 ratio and would need to all be horizontal shots we toured the wonderful home thinking about the six ads and their seasonal placement and what type of image across two pages would give Leslie Fine Interiors the most impact.
After our scouting visit, Leslie and I would review the test shots and discuss props, flowers and artwork that could be added to complete each image. 
If you are on Twitter, or Facebook or read some of the many wonderful blog posts by New England's Interior Designers, than you've heard of Leslie Fine.

Leslie has fully embraced social media and while she will admit that it's still too early for anyone to truly quantify social media's impact on future business. I can say with confidence, that if anyone can figure out that social media unknown; it will be Leslie Fine. For Leslie, social media is just another card in her deck, which she strategically uses to promote and define the brand of Leslie Fine Interiors.
On the day of our shoot (actually we completed everything in a half day), Leslie had arrived early and had unpacked and placed most everything exactly where it needed to be, which allowed me to systematically move from shot to shot, making the whole process as productive as possible.
The last ad for 2011 will be in the Nov/Dec issue of New England Home, and here is the scouting shot, as a sneak peek...

Warm Regards,

Michael J. Lee


Bob Ernst said...

Great post, and a great team.Well done on both of your parts

Bob Ernst said...

Great post, Michael, and you guys make a great team. Ads are terrific!

Michael J Lee said...

Thank you Bob, I really appreciate that!

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