14 June, 2011

I'd rather trust a man who works with his hands...

I recently visited with Ray Bachand of 60nobscot Home Furnishings in Sudbury. Ray who was raised in California and has a Bachelor of Science in music moved to the Northeast 15 years ago. After moving to New England, Ray taught music at the prestigious Berklee School of Music while teaching himself the fine craft of furniture making. While I asked Ray not to move while he posed in his barn of locally sourced wood species, he smiled and said that I reminded him of his Father, who was a photographer in California.
While Ray's woodworking shop can create just about anything a designer or homeowner may ask for, his real passion is to listen to the wood. With the ear of a musician and the heart and eye of his Father, Ray proudly shared some of his Fathers' photographs with me. Ray's furniture is a natural extension of the wood that he sources locally. In an age where green design and a renewed willingness to support local and sustainable products, Ray's 1820's barn that he refurbished himself is the perfect setting for furniture that evolves from an understanding and appreciation of the fine art of producing bench made furniture by hand.
For a tour of Ray Bachands' 60nobscot Home Furnishings Showroom and workroom, just contact him at (978) 440-8066.
Warm Regards,
Michael J. Lee

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