30 May, 2011


In a few hours I'll be boarding a plane with 162 pounds of equipment to photograph an exciting project by Interior Designer Amy Meier. The project is located in Arizona and I'm excited to be working with Amy again. Isn't there a great Architectural Photographer in Arizona, you may ask? I'm sure that there are many, however being a great photographer is only part of what makes for a successful photo shoot. Having a good working relationship with an Architectural Photographer is a key ingredient in producing stunning images. After you've worked really hard on a long distance project, you want the photography to reflect the same level of quality and detail you've given to your clients' home.
So how does it all work, you may ask? Well in addition to the cost of the plane ticket, extra baggage fees from the airline and a meal or two, the extra's are minimal in caparison to the knowledge that you'll be getting my full undivided attention.I'll arrive with 5 bags;
3 are checked and 2 never leave my sight...
Checked Baggage:
A hard case with foam lining for my lights
A soft case for my light stands, tripod, and other structurally sound items
A back pack with my personal belongings
Carry-on Items:
A rolling case with my two camera bodies, 7 lenses and other delicate equipment
(small carbon fiber backup tripod)
A computer bag with my MacBookPro and assorted electronic items
So if you've enjoyed working with me in the past and have projects in distant locations, let's talk, because knowing who you'll be photographing with can make all the difference. Oh, I almost forgot, I'm a dual citizen and I have an EU passport, so if you'd like me to photograph a project in Europe, know that I can do it:)
Warm Regards,
Michael J. Lee

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