14 June, 2011

Where fashion sits, putting on the Ritz

When I came to Boston almost 22 years ago, my then college girlfriend and I where walking along the Commonwealth Avenue Mall toward the Public Garden. We spoke about many things and of course what the future might bring. When we got to the corner of Arlington Street, I looked up at the top of the Carlton House (Old Ritz Carlton Residences) and pointed to the corner unit with it's full grown trees on the terrace and I said "that is where I want to be..." and Julia said "You want to live there", "no" I said, "I want to work there someday and just once walk out on that balcony and look out at Boston and for just that moment, know what that would feel like..." Well Julia (we are still the best of friends' and I adore her husband and son and daughter), this is for you! It may have taken me 20 years but today I photographed that apartment and today I thought of you!
Warm Regards,
Michael J. Lee

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