22 May, 2011


How does a photographer take a portrait of themself,
very critically, I'm afraid...
As a recent judge for Perspective New England Magazine, a head shot and bio of me will be appearing in their next issue. Well after four years of looking at the same headshot and several gray hairs later I felt it was time for an update. Being older and wiser I felt I would not put my wife Jennifer through the same process I did with her four years ago. So I decided to set up the shot, and set the timer on my computer to fire the camera after an initial 30 second buffer in 10 second intervals in a series of about a dozen shots and see what would happen. First I spent some time adjusting the composition and lighting of my imaginary model and then, pressed start on the computer and took my place, ACTION!
Here are some of the out takes...
And the final photo...
How did I do?
Regarding the background, well it has special meaning to me, as it is the Plan de Paris printed by Schumacher on cork and given to me for my 10 year anniversary with R. FitzGerald and Company.
Warm Regards,
Michael J. Lee

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