20 February, 2011

Cover Girl

At the end of 2007, one of my last design projects was a booth for DIFFA created with Woodmeister Master Builders. Needless to say it received very little press, until I got an email that a blogger had written a post about the booth. That blogger was Linda Merrill and we would meet for the first time at the very posh, Au Bon Pain at the Boston Design Center. We shared stories, had some laughs and promised to stay in touch.
Then an opportunity to work together came about in 2009 with a design project, Linda was just finishing. That culminated in the publication of that project in The Boston Globe Magazine.
Interior Design: Linda Merrill
Photo: Michael J. Lee Photography
While on a photo shoot a designer who has recently started blogging, asked "What is Linda's secret to her blogs' success"?
I've given this a lot of thought and there really is only one simple reason, honesty! Linda Merrill is true to herself and her readers, and has become a trusted friend and colleague of mine. Linda recently approached me about contributing in some way to her digital magazine. Having had 3 of her 4 covers, I said to myself "well I kind of like being on the cover...".
While the economy has been very difficult for many, I know it's been tough on the showrooms and shops that support the design industry. Having seen long time friends at the Design Center out of work and having to start over has been especially troubling for me and though it is a very small sentiment, why not give some of the showrooms and shops a little publicity.
So starting with Linda's next issue (due mid March), Linda and I will be producing cover shots with in those showrooms and shops, using only the products they sell to create covers for Linda's digital magazine, Surroundings. You can read the current issue here: Surroundings Magazine
You can follow Linda's blog here: Surroundings as Linda will be posting behind the scenes photos and stories.
Warm Regards,
Michael J. Lee

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Linda Merrill said...

Michael - am thrilled and honored to have your talents - and friendship. Brilliant idea you had about showcasing design showrooms and shops - can't wait for our first shoot!

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