31 December, 2010

Good old fashioned word of mouth...

Through out my 16 years in the design industry I've had the privilege and pleasure of meeting and knowing some of Boston's most influential designers. Over the last three years I've had the extreme honor to have worked with many of them. One favorite element has been seeing the diversity and talent that is in New England. As a photographer, I've gleefully accepted social media as a keystone in marketing your business. Though every now and again I am reminded of good old fashioned word of mouth.
Last fall, I was shopping for art material to create a display. I ran into Interior Designer Eric Roseff, who in addition to being a very accomplished designer, he is also a talented artist and painter. Eric told me he was working on a canvas' for a big project in Nantucket.
This past spring, I was asked by Janice O'Leary, the editor and chief, of Boston Common Magazine to photograph a residence on Nantucket recently completed by Eric Roseff. I excitedly called Eric to arrange a date and in our conversation learned that it was at Eric's request that I was selected by Boston Common Magazine. Since that recommendation, I've photographed a half dozen projects for Boston Common Magazine over the course of this past year and I was so excited to see in print a wonderful project I had shot by Interior Designer Mollie Johnson (someone I've always admired).
Boston Common Magazine was also very gracious giving me a part in their contributors section. So make sure to pick up the Dec/Jan issue of Boston Common Magazine, on news stands now (link to digital edition below). And make sure to follow Boston Common Magazine through out 2011 to see the wonderful projects I've photographed for them over the course of this past year!
Happy New Year!

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