20 February, 2011

Room To Dream

As a designer there was always ample opportunities to contribute and donate services for a worthy cause. As a photographer, I struggled to find such opportunities until I met PR guru, Joanne DiFrancesco. Joanne's passion and commitment to the Make Room to Dream Foundation is inspiring to say the least! Last year while catching up, I asked if I could contribute by photographing the finished spaces which the Make Room to Dream Foundation could then use to market and inspire others to give to this wonderful organization. My first assignment was to go to a house on a Sunday afternoon and photograph the finished room just before it was revealed to the family. I was told I had ten minutes. I laughed because typically one shot takes half an hour on a good day. With the Designer Lynda Onthank's help we got 5 great shots and then I was asked to photograph the family as they entered the room. While I had everything with me I would need that day, I wasn't emotionally prepared for the look on the young boy's face when he saw his new room for the first time...
Recently I was asked to be a member of the committee to help raise funds and sell tickets for Make Room to Dreams' largest fund raising event, the Carnival of Dreams Gala. Please follow this link and please purchase tickets for what will be a really fun evening and donate to this wonderful organization.
Warm Regards,
Michael J. Lee

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