25 September, 2013

Boston Design Home

I often times post photos through social media of me sitting in a bathtub or standing on a rooftop or car top or rocks at low tide. Often times I end up in these precarious positions so I can use the longest lens I can, which ultimately minimizes any sort of distortion in tight spaces, which is why I'm seen in more bath tubs than anywhere else. 

Sometimes though I have to get an entire building in a shot, not just a 10 plus thousand square foot home but a luxury 14 unit building. That specific task was recently accomplished for Boston Magazines' Boston Design Home for 2013. So the first step was to get as far a way from the front of the building as possible, which put me here:

The next step was to use a prime 17mm Tilt Shift Lens. I captured this photograph at a 50 ISO, with an f-stop of 22 and a shutter speed of 1/6 sec...

This is my second year photographing the Boston Design Home for Boston Magazine and rumor has it I'll be back for 2014. Want to see what this years Boston Design Home looks like? Well there are only a few weeks left and trust me the build quality and design of this years Boston Design Home is simply perfect! So follow this link to arrange for tickets:


You won't be disappointed.

Warm Regards,


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