03 October, 2013

Boston Home Magazine

Today I had the opportunity to hear Boston Home Magazine Editor in Chief, Rachel Slade talk about her favorite projects over the years to celebrate Boston Home Magazine's 10 year anniversary. I was very eager to hear what elements, design aesthetics and style Mrs. Slade liked. I had also hoped to get the inside scoop on what types of projects Rachel is drawn to. What I learned (Rachel Slade was an Architect) was that Rachel appreciates good design, period. Not just appreciates it, but respects and celebrates it. More importantly though, she recognizes it, whether it's a meticulously restored antique that exemplifies everything that we think about in New England or a mountain/lake house that was conceived in the manner of Frank Lloyd Wright, where every solitary object is custom designed and produced for that space. It didn't matter if the project was black and white, full blown color, ornately carved plaster or contemporary hill top modernist wooden sculpture  the unifying feature in all of these homes was good design, period. 

Then to my surprise one of the projects that was included in her selections of favorite design projects, was a project I'd photographed. Which brings me to my main objective for writing this post. Kitchen Designer Rosemary Porto had invited me to scout a recently completed Poggenpohl Kitchen in Boston. The below image was a hand held scouting shot and as you can see right there are all of the ingredients of good design. Number one (something Rachel pointed out today) the Kitchen cabinetry is intricate to the design of the space, the cabinetry doesn't stop shy of the ceiling line, it is part of the architecture. Then, how can you not love, I mean love the antique gilt dolphin mirror reminding the double ovens that this home has a past...

My excitement of the home grew exponentially as I learned about the homeowners, their respect for the past, their travels and the fact that they where the designers (and that is not what they do for a living).

I asked to see more and in conjunction with writer Jaci Conry we submitted this home to Boston Home Magazine for consideration. The project was picked up, we photographed it and the rest is history.

Well almost, I'll include a few of the shots from this project below but first, here is my plea to all of you. Please, Please, Please vote for this project under the "Urban Residence" category by following the link below:

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