21 September, 2012


While some of you maybe waiting in line for the new iPhone 5, I myself spent half the night last night combing through Canon chat rooms to figure out WTF! I apologize for the language but sometimes if it ain't broke don't FIX it!

As a photographer in the digital age, I rely heavily on technology and when it works it's a thing of beauty and when it doesn't well, I just want to throw my computer across the room! 
I'd been having on and off trouble with my camera and computer "speaking" to one another, while my camera assured me it had nothing to do with that bit of drama I witnessed the other month, I was skeptical;) You see over the last few months, some days my camera and computer where in love, other days...well not so much.

I spent almost an hour on the phone with Canon tech support a month ago and we figured out (much to their chagrin) that it was one of my usb ports on my laptop that had failed and not the Canon software I use to control the camera remotely. Once that was solved everything was rose again, though I was warned by Canon not to update to mountain lion and stick with lion...

Then the night before a big shoot with New England Home Magazine with Stacy Kunstel this week. While getting ready to shut down, I was asked if I wanted to install an update for my Mac, which I did...

The next morning on the shoot, every time I turned on my camera while connected to the computer, I got "EOS Utility has failed..."

So I re-started the computer, nothing...
I did everything I could think of, nothing...
I even prayed to Steve Job's, surely he's up there in tech support heaven?


I pulled out the usb card reader and shot to my camera, pulled the card out connected it to the computer and then, gulp told Stacy...

She said, don't worry about it, this exact thing happened to the photographer she worked with yesterday and he had just bought a brand new Mac Book Pro...

Several shots in with everything going really well and as we had finished another great shot, Stacy said "it takes a lot to get you excited about a shot..." I said no I'm just bummed about my camera and computer. Stacy said "get over it..."


(thank you Stacy for that, BTW!)

Oh and onto the reason why this blog post is called Slinky:)

Last weekend my Mother visited and gave Eloise and Isabella a slinky, and not the new plastic ones, the real metal ones, like I had. You know what Isabella did, she made it into a circle, used her hair clip to hold it in place and then drew and cut out a flower and gave it back to my Mother and said, look a vase...

Oh the days when we didn't need the next 2.423895624895689 to make us happy and we just relied on good old fashioned CREATIVITY to keep us occupied.

Oh and the best part of all, after combing through those Canon Chat rooms, you know what someone discovered!?!?!

If you uninstall your updated Canon EOS utility software and install the original Canon EOS utility software from the DVD that came with the camera, it works with the current operating system of Apple...


Warm Regards,


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