02 May, 2012

Face Time

Every year around this time I go through the tedious process of selecting which images to add to my website. It's countless hours of playing judge, jury, and devils advocate with myself as I shuffle through over a thousand images from the past year of photographing. The most difficult choice is the landing page image. Last year was fairly easy as I'd wanted to prove a point, being labeled as a "designers photographer". I'd been very proud of some of the landscape photography I'd accomplished with firms like Sudbury Design Group and so I chose a wonderful dawn shot of an amazing pool to be my landing page image.
Over the past several years now, I've been fortunate enough to photograph some amazing work by Interior Designer Amy Meier. I'm always excited to hear a Designers' vision about a project that they've been so intimately involved with and Amy had this vision of photographing the front facade of her project with the antique double doors open. Having photographed in New England and Arizona for Amy, we have a great understanding of each other. So we agreed that we would attempt the shot via Face Time with Amy in California. I made my way to the Flower Market with instructions on what to purchase. After setting everything up, I took the first test shot, made some adjustments and then Face Timed Amy. Since I was shooting outside, the computer was enshrouded with in a black box to prevent any glare on the screen and after catching up I put my iPhone inside the computer box and Amy directed me, having me zoom in and out and showing her what was happening in real life and what was on the screen. After discussing the styling adjustments, we hung up. I made the adjustments and we Face Timed again to confirm everything. Well after receiving the files, Amy let me know the image would become her landing page and with a great story like this, how could I resist. So I am proud to announce extensive updates throughout my website, with a new landing page of a wonderful New England Home by Amy Meier.
When I first started out I had included a few testimonials on my website as I felt I needed the support. This year I've decided to include some testimonials again, which are listed on 

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