11 March, 2012

The Photograph

It's hard to believe that it was one year ago today that I was standing in Glasgow, Scotland about to enter the Botanical Gardens. In classic Glasgow tradition the weather went from bright sunshine, to a raw saturating mist and everything in between in what felt like five minutes. While across the world, the most powerful earthquake in Japan's history followed by a horrific and devestating  tsunami claimed the lives of 15,850 innocent people.
I had returned to Scotland last year to honor and memorialize my Maternal Grandfather who 70 years ago had lost his family during the Clydebank Blitz.

Here is that story:


Warm Regards,

Michael James Lee


patrick (the other one) said...

OH MICHAEL. What a staggeringly beautiful story. You have done your family, and SO MANY OTHERS, honor by this. And your turning these discoveries into action-- your donations to the Red Cross-- is so moving and inspiring.

I hope we get to meet some day, in person, so I can shake your hand for this, and for the man you are.

Michael J Lee said...

Given all that I've learned about you through Facebook, when we do meet, I'll expect nothing less than a hug, sir.

Diane E. Main, GCT NorCal 2006 said...

I really love this, Michael. I wish I had seen them, and showed them to my Mom and son, before we went last summer to Clydebank and to Dalnotter to find the memorial in honor of your grandfather's family.

glenns said...

Amazing. Thank you cousin.

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