18 January, 2012

In Classic Style

This is the very first photograph I took with the intent of becoming an Architectural Photographer. Every week for almost four years, I would drive to this house in Vermont to meet with the Client and Architect and as the house developed, entering through the garage, this became my welcome mat. The most important lesson I learned from this image that day, was what I didn't see. I no longer saw September 11, 2001. I no longer saw the tile guy who made my life a living hell for three weeks. I no longer saw all the negative things that a designer starts to associate a project with after four years. 
I did see however an opportunity to give everyone on a project the plans to finalize their vision. Trust me I know, that despite the best intentions, most homes never reach 100%. With that in mind I decided to give every shoot the blueprints to a polished image. I decided very early on to include "scouting" in my shoots. With a library of over 1,000 "before and afters" and the generous introduction to Carl Christian by Sharyn Fireman I'm very excited to be a contributor at In Classic Style. Here is the link to my first contributors' piece.

Warm Regards,


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