18 November, 2011

Estelle Bond Guralnick

Four years ago, everyone and I mean everyone said "you need to meet with Estelle..." Well about 5 months, 14 emails, and 3 phone calls later, we finally met. I had spent days, printing, tearing up, and printing again images for a portfolio that I would present to her. We talked about my past and who we knew in common and then her eyes lit up like a kid in a candy shop, as she said "so can I see your portfolio, now..."

She quietly looked closely at each page, turning them with a gentle caution. Estelle then said "you're lucky I'm not an art director, because these are all dogs..."

I was accompanied out of the building we had met in and I would descend back down the mountain I had so eagerly climbed to meet the Dali Lama, only to be told, to climb it again.

About a month after that meeting, Estelle called and asked if I would be willing to scout a project that she was eager to present to Traditional Home. I brought everything I owned that day, as I wasn't sure if scouting for Estelle, meant actually doing a full blown shoot. Once I was ready we stood in this massive two story foyer and she said "so what do you think..." Estelle, I've come to learn says this at the beginning of every shot, she really wants to hear what you have to say and what your approach would be. Of course, I've also learned that Estelle has an innate ability to know, she just knows what "the shot" is. I've seen her time and time again, walk into a room, she's only seen in scouting shots, quickly scan the offering and then you see it in her face, her eyes glow as she reveals what "the shot" is.

Several months later, I showed Estelle a project by designer Honey Collins, she loved it and with in 24 hours, I'd been assigned a six page spread in the Globe Magazine's Fall Home issue and my first cover, something I will always be indebted to Estelle Bond Guralnick for, because she truly does mentor everyone fortunate enough to be graced by the infinite wisdom and guidance of her widespread wings.

Congratulations, Estelle Bond Guralnick for receiving the Design New England Mid honor and award.

Warm Regards,



Kate Dickerson said...

I second your congratulations. Estelle is like the energizer bunny - she just keeps going and it's hard to keep up with her energy! She is just terrific!

Michael J Lee said...

Tell me about it, Kate! We once did an 11 hour shoot, and I was sitting down at the end and she was saying "what's next..."

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