16 July, 2011

Rowes Wharf

During my second year of college I was asked to design the interior of a bank, including the graphics. One of my teachers', Interior Designer, Ann Lenox of Partner's in Design was so impressed with the logo and graphics that she hired me to design an ad for her husband, custom upholsterer Jim Sersich. That ad appeared on the inside cover of the ASID directory and when it was time to apply for my first job, I listed that ad under my experience and sent my resume to every member of ASID. When Interior Designer Celeste Cooper, saw the name of her custom upholsterer listed, she contacted Jim & Ann and the rest is history. Throughout my twenty three years living in Boston, I have met and made some wonderful friends, it has been those friendships that have opened more doors than anything else throughout my dual careers. When the Director of Public Relations and Communications at the Boston Harbor Hotel asked a good friend and editor who should shoot the recently renovated hotel, that person said "Michael J. Lee, Michael is THE photographer of Architectural Interiors". When I met with the Hotel many months ago, I thought I was interviewing; I never realized no one else was even being considered.
When I came to Boston twenty three years ago, I fell in love with the Boston Harbor Hotel's Architecture, especially the dome. If I only knew someday, I'd be sitting right next to that dome.
I can Facebook, Blog, Tweet and do everything else I can to tell my story, but ultimately it is the friends and colleagues I've met throughout the years who tell my story best. And I am thankful for that, because when we do meet for the first time, and I shake your hand; if you are wondering what I am thinking? Well it's quite simple you see...
"I'm Michael J. Lee and I am ready to give you everything I am..."
Warm Regards,
Michael J. Lee

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