17 April, 2013


Ever since moving to Boston in 1989, I have been extremely privileged to see, first hand the private homes of many proud Bostonians who's unique perspective frame a city that I love. I am personally struggling with what to say and so I'll leave it to the pictures to speak of the beauty that this city is and shall always be Boston.

Interior Design: Mr. William Hodgins

Interior Design: Terrat Elms

Interior Design: Eric Roseff

Interior Design: Fotene Demoulas

Interior Design: Ally Coulter

Interior Design: Mr. William Hodgins

Interior Design: Ana Donohue

Interior Design: David Sharff Architect

Design: Rosemary Porto

Esplanade Magazine

Interior Design: Michael Carter

Boston Harbor Hotel

Interior Design: Jane and Kathryn Kuchefski

Interior Design: Lisa Buyuk

Otis and Ahearn

Stay proud Boston!

Warm Regards,


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Stacey Marcus said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings through photos of our beautiful Boston. We need to pause and reflect on how fortunate we are to live in a city full of history and heart.

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