17 March, 2013

James Lee

This is my Maternal Grandfather, James Lee.

He was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1901. This photograph of him hangs in my office, and is a constant source of inspiration. When he was young the family moved to Scotland, he would later return to Ireland as a young man and fight in the Irish Army for Michael Collins. It was their that he met his first wife, Margaret McNally in Mullingar Ireland. 

For my Mothers' 60th birthday we went to Mullingar and stood in the church where they where wed. Their first son was born in Ireland and then they moved to Clydebank, Scotland. My Grandfather was a carpenter and worked in the ship yards building such greats as the Britannia, the Queen Mary, the Queen Elizabeth and the QE 2. 

In 1941, my Grandfather at the age of 40, lost his first wife and four of his young children in what is referred to as the Clydebank Blitz. His eldest son was the only survivor. There is a photograph of his first wife, the edges burned and on the back in my Grandfathers' writing are the names of his children. I have this photograph, which I keep in a fire proof safe, it is my most prized possession as I can only imagine that it was the only physical link to his family. 

My Grandfather would later re-marry and they had my Mother. When my Mother was in her early twenties, her Mother passed away from brain cancer. Leaving my Grandfather with a second wife to bury.

It is on this day, Saint Patrick's Day and every day that I try to honor and keep alive the memory in my mind of a Great Man.

Happy Saint Patricks Day.



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Bruce Barone said...

A beautiful tribute, Michael.

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