03 January, 2012

What's really in a name

There are very few things in life that cause me to be defensive, one of those is my name. You see I changed my last name when I turned 18 (and legally could do so). Dropping my fathers' surname and taking on my Mothers' family surname of Lee. My middle name has always been James, after my Maternal Grandfather.

When deciding on what to call my company the issue of the name was never, well an issue. I am proud of my name and especially like that the simple act of adding that one letter "J" to a google search of "Michael Lee" makes all the difference. Every publication I've worked with knows that I am very explicit about how my name is to appear when credited, twice my middle initial was left out and I let the person in charge know just how disappointed I was.
For the first year, I struggled with the idea of a logo and how that would "brand" me. Then at a parent social one night at my daughters school I met a "creative type", whose husband was an accountant. My wife found someone to talk to (she's an accountant), and well so did I. 

Jessica Sueiro is the creative brainchild behind the firm, Cucumber Design. After a few initial meetings and my marching order of "I want the logo to be Architectural, without making me look like an Architect..." Jessica came back with the following initial choices:

Number four was the choice and Jessica refined the graphics and we decided on two color options. One black and white and one brown and cream.
If you've ever been through this process yourself, you understand for someone who is creative, how difficult and yet liberating (when you trust them) it is to stand back and let someone else define you. Luckily, I'd met the "creative type" for me and highly recommend Jessica Sueiro. Please peruse her website www.cucumberdesign.com and definitely check out her very impressive client list!
Though I've changed my entire website look and feel twice in the last three years, the logo for me anyway has become a symbol of a photography company that promises to produce consistent, high quality work without being well, too Architectural.

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