20 October, 2011


This is the most difficult post I've had to write, mostly because it shouldn't have had to be written. If you know me, you know that I'm fairly calm and could be described as having a long fuse. A client of Richard FitzGerald's, once told me I was "sang-froid", which translated literally means "ice blood". That client told me that that phrase for them meant they could always rely on me to be rational during brief moments of chaos...

About 10 weeks ago, the below image that I photographed for a magazine was "taken" from that magazines computer hard drive and used in another designers' printed advertisement. Emails and phone calls where made and a phone call apology was made to the designer and myself...

And well, that has been simmering and maybe I just believe in a higher road, and maybe just maybe I cannot accept that a designer's body of work was plagiarized (not even counting the copyright issues)... 


Warm Regards,

Michael J. Lee

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