03 May, 2011


When I first made the transition to Architectural Photography from Interior Design, everyone told me I would work well with Designers. It was also made clear to me from the start that I needed to develop a style and fast because photographers are hired for their "look". Well I didn't want a style and I certainly did not want to be labeled as a photographer of only interiors.
So when Dan Wallace of Sudbury Design Group contacted me two years ago to meet everyone and present my portfolio, I thought this was my chance! Then I remembered the only landscape shots I had where the one's I did around Richard FitzGerald's Cape Home...
I spent almost 3 hours with everyone at Sudbury Design Group that fateful spring day and left feeling fairly confidant, and then the phone never rang. I stared out my window at the first snow fall of the year knowing that my aspirations of photographing a landscape where well, snowed in. Then came the spring and I got a call that Sudbury Design Group wanted to meet with me again. We discussed a few wonderful projects and again left feeling confidant and then again the phone never rang...
At the end of August, the call I had been waiting for; there where two projects that they wanted shot in September, so I scouted both properties and then spent two amazing days shooting each one.
It is with great pride that I announce that New England Home Magazine has chosen to feature the pool shoot in their current May/June issue (starting on page 58). I started that day at 5am and worked non stop until 8:30pm that night, I was physically and mentally drained but I had the biggest grin the whole way home that night because I knew that pool and everything that happened that day was magic! An Architect recently told me that my greatest gift is my "ability to see space at the proper scale" and well hopefully that applies to landscapes.
So jump in the water's warm...
camera set up for shot toward bath house
Warm Regards,
Michael J. Lee


Sharyn said...

Just magic. I know from experience how elegant your shots are.
XO Shar

Kay Ellen said...


Kay Ellen

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