20 March, 2011

Written in the stars

I'm an Aquarius, though if you ask my Mother; who studies astrology, she'll tell you I'm a double Aquarius and that my rising sign is in Leo. To a certain extent I believe in the notion that celestial bodies can predict and substantiate fate.
How else could I explain the serendipitous chance of having my photos published in SIX different publications this March alone?
The month of March has become an important one in the short history of my company. In March 2008, Michael J. Lee Photography LLC became official within the state of Massachusetts and the domain name of www.michaeljleephotography.com was registered in March.
While it may feel like this is a "fortuitous event" in my professional life, I prefer to think of it as the fruits of my willingness to become part of the team, my clients' team. My role in the team is to showcase my clients' work in its best possible light with whichever publication or medium is best for the project and for them. After all isn't that why it's called "freelance"...
While photography maybe a solitary art, it remains for me, a collaborative craft.
Look for my photography this March in the current issues of the following publications:
Boston Common Magazine issue Spring, article "In Harmony" Page 108. http://www.bostoncommon-magazine.com/digital-edition
Boston Globe Magazine issue March 20, 2011, article "That's another story" Page 8. http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/house/articles/2011/03/20/a_tiny_cambridge_house_gets_a_big_renovation/
Design New England Magazine issue March/April, article "House Proud" Page 48. http://digital.designnewengland.com/designnewengland/20110304#pg51
New England Home Magazine issue March/April, article "Spring Awakening" Page 114. http://www.nehomemag.com/issue/marchapril-2011 (digital issue not yet available, check your newstands)
Perspective New England Digital Magazine issue winter, Cover and article "Viewcentricity" Page 54. http://www.perspectivenewengland.com/magazines/perspective-new-england-winter-2011-issue
::Surroundings:: Digital Magazine Spring issue, Cover Shot. http://www.surroundingsmagazine.com/
Warm Regards,
Michael J. Lee

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